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Chanting and Chai

A feel-good full moon gathering — discover mantra meditation and meet new friends!


I’m excited to invite you to a friendly and informal gathering on the FRIDAY closest to the Full Moon. We’ll chant meditative mantra together to feel blissfully relaxed, and then chat over a cup of delicious spiced chai.


Some quick answers to key questions:


  • NO, you don’t have to have any singing experience or skill!

  • YES, everyone’s welcome — including complete beginners, and more experienced practitioners.

  • NO, you don’t have to sit on the floor (although you can if you want to); there will be comfy lounges and chairs to settle into!

  • YES, the chai is made using a traditional Indian recipe and tastes fabulous.


Step into a welcoming and completely non-competitive, non-judgemental space and get comfy. Hear the sounds of classical Indian instruments welcoming you to your practice. Your voice begins to shine — and you realise you’re finally getting out of your head and into your heart.


And then, after the last notes have faded, hold a cup of steaming aromatic chai in your hands and take a blissful sip. You’re relaxed and happy as you enjoy a chat with friends. Life feels simple!



What is Mantra Meditation?


A mantra is a word, sound, or phrase that is repeated in order to focus the mind and create a meditative state. Mantra meditation is a powerful way to spark feelings of profound happiness, and an appreciation for being alive!


Chanting mantras with a group takes the practice to another level. You are lifted by the voices and energy of the people around you, and you experience a sense of true calm and inner bliss.


Studies show that chanting can improve your mood [LINK:] right away, while also reducing long-term stress. It also cultivates social cohesion — so it’s a wonderful way to connect naturally and easily with other people.


That’s why we’ll take the time to enjoy a chai together after the practice…because mantra meditation creates the perfect feeling of ease and unity for new connections to form!


More benefits of Mantra Meditation:


  • Calms the nervous system — allowing stress hormones to dissipate, and promoting health and natural healing

  • Lifts your emotions, evoking feelings of happiness, peace, and all round wellbeing

  • Triggers the release of endorphins (happy hormones) by your endocrine system so you’ll feel good long after the practice has finished

  • Gives you a natural and free way to refine your voice — so you’ll become a better singer without even trying!

  • Provides a way to connect deeply with others, without having to speak a word. The usual formalities and small talk are unnecessary because you have shared collective joy and entered a peaceful and supportive space!



Why the Full Moon?


Across cultures, numerous studies have highlighted the importance [LINK:] of the moon cycles in human life and experience.


In India, many important festivals take place on the full moon. Its significance is closely connected with the Vedas — ancient spiritual texts which actually predate Hinduism.


The lunar calendar is hugely significant in Indian culture, and working with the moon’s cycles is considered vital for growth, both physically and emotionally or spiritually.


So what does the Full Moon signify, and why is it an ideal time for gathering and celebration?


  • The full moon radiates the most vibrant energies of the entire lunar cycle — so it’s a powerful time for connecting with that energy and feeling lifted and inspired

  • It’s also a peak time for human energy; you are at your most full, vibrant, and powerful

  • The full moon connects us all — and so it’s the perfect time to come together and tune into the potential for meeting and sharing with others!

  • The vibrancy and presence of energy and awareness at this time can be harnessed using sound meditation; tap into your voice to draw in and radiate joy.

The Details:

When: Fridays: 15 Nov, 13 Dec 2019

Time: 7pm - 9pm

Where: Dee Why venue. On booking details will be sent.

Cost: $20