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Harmonise Your Life - 7 Week Chakra Mantra Meditation Course

Sing into your heart!

Imagine feeling completely balanced. Your body, mind and soul are in perfect harmony. You can hear it — joyful notes resonate through every cell of your being. And that inward harmony reaches out into every area of your life; you are elevated, connected with your heart, and you feel and act from that free and open space.

When acting from the heart space you make wiser decisions.

Life just feels good.

In this 7 week course you will discover how to welcome the joy of being alive through mantra meditation.

No singing or chanting experience or skill required.

What are the chakras?

Chakra with info.jpg

7 energy centres located at different points throughout the body. Each is associated with different physical, mental, emotional and spiritual experiences.

When the chakras are balanced, energy can flow freely through you — so you feel healthy, positive, calm and connected .

Learn more about the chakras here.

What is mantra meditation?


A mantra is a sound or phrase that is repeated as a chant. Mantras can be in any language, and you can even create your own. But for this course, we will use traditional Sanskrit mantras specifically chosen to tap into each of the chakras in turn. 


Learn more about mantra meditation here.

How do they go together?


Mantra meditation with a focus on the chakras allows you to direct your chanting practice to these key energy centres in the body. This leads to awareness of each chakra and its influence on your body, mind and emotions; and it creates harmony and balance in the whole body.



Over the course of 7 weeks you will:

  • Learn Meditative Toning practices that create a vibration in different areas of the body that harmonise the mind and emotions

  • Learn which mantra to use to align and balance each chakra

  • Establish the first stage of meditation known as pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses)

  • Cultivate the aspect of the witness ~ to observe thoughts without becoming entangled in them

  • Learn pranayama (breathing techniques) and mantra meditation practices that tune into each chakra

  • Learn pranayama practices to increase your breath capacity, which in turn will naturally train your speaking, chanting and singing voice — as well as soothing your endocrine system

  • Learn how to control your breath to evoke calm and relaxation

  • Discover a new sense of being calm, grounded, and blissfully balanced

  • Use these practices to balance and harmonise the body, mind and emotions

My promise to you

This course will give you the practical tools and joyful experience that will enable you to chant your way to balance and bliss. You will enjoy a fabulous sense of complete harmony — and stress and anxiety will melt away.

When you join this course you’ll receive:


  • A weekly email to support and build on each class

  • An audio recording of the Meditative Toning practices to use at home

  • 7 meditation audio practices based on each week’s chakra mantra meditation practice, that you can use at home

  • An uplifting experience of group chanting and meditation that will stay with you forever!


When? Monday nights, 7:00 - 8:30 pm;

Date? 21 October to 2 December
Where? South Narrabeen Surf Club

Cost? $265 /$232*

BIRTHDAY SPECIAL add CHAKRA33 at checkout and pay only $199!