Weekly Classes  

TERM 1: Monday 28 January to Fri 13 April

TERM 2: Monday 29 April to Fri 5 July

TERM 3: Monday 22 july to Fri 27 september

TERM 4: Monday 14 October to Fri 20 December

In a Yoga Class you will enjoy postures, breathing techniques, Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) and/or meditation and more.  This integral style of yoga creates a balance of all aspects
of one’s being– body, mind, emotions and psyche – creating a more harmonious state of wellbeing. All whilst practicing in a safe and non-competitive environment...

Please register just ONCE and bring along your yoga mat or purchase an
Eco Yoga Mats by clicking here.  

Classes are held at South Narrabeen Surf Club, more details below.

Special Introductory Offers for New Students


monday 10.15am - 11.30am

Is a gentle to moderate hatha yoga class to ease you into the week, which will leave you feeling relaxed, harmonised yet energised. 

PLEASE NOTE: Monday mornings class is being taught at NARRABEEN SURF CLUB until further notice.



Is a restorative class Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation), pranayama (breathing techniques) and asana (postures) class.  Perfect for mid week.

You will enjoy a longer relaxation practice, gentle postures, and breathing practices that calms the mind and nervous system.

This class is perfect for ALL!! 

It is a restorative class, and is the perfect way to de-stress, heal and harmonise.   

If you have any of the following you will particularly love it: tired, stressed, anxiety and have problems sleeping... 



FRIDAY 10.15AM - 11.30Am


A perfect class for seniors and those wanting a more gentle practice... Gentle it maybe, however there will always be some core strengthening and balance practices...

A perfect way to keep you flexible and strong, not to forget you feel rebalanced yet energised...  

class currently isn’t running it will be starting back up latter in the year.

South Narrabeen Surf Club

Located just south of Narrabeen Fire Station and Mactier St.

Address: 1200 Pittwater Road Narrabeen 2101. 

Parking: You'll find 13 onsite parking spots and plenty of on street parking. 

Bring: Yoga mat, water bottle and blanket in winter.