Bali is a rich, beautiful and highly spiritual country; from tropical beaches to rice fields and temples at every turn. The Balinese people, colourful culture and spiritual richness provide an inspiring experience for the yogic traveller.

How much yoga experience do I need to attend?

This trip is suitable for those at all levels of yoga experience. Ideally you have been practicing regularly for at least 6 months.

What is the level of fitness required?

A moderate level of fitness is required. This is a resort based Yoga Retreat, so there isn’t anything too challenging. Two yoga/meditation classes and Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation) are offered on most days and approximately an hour’s walk on a meandering uneven path on our trips out.

How many participants will be on the retreat?

Yoga for the Soul Retreats is accepting a minimum of 10 and maximum of 15 participants for the Bali Yoga Retreat. A nice number for a resort based retreat, which allows individualised attention during the yoga sessions. Not to forget a more fun and relaxed environment to get to know your fellow travellers.

What time does the retreat start?

The retreat starts at 3 p.m. on Day 1.  If traveling from Australia, most flights arrive after this time. It would be recommended that you fly in the day prior and spend one night in Sanur where you will be picked up the morning of the retreat. If you like to shop Seminyak is your place.  However, pick up is from Sanur so you would need to make your way there. 

Sunar Hotel:

Taman Agung Well located with restaurants and shops at its door step. Yet it is set back from the street so nice and quiet, which I like. Many of the Deluxe rooms have been renovated in 2019 which makes them a fabulous price for what you get. I particularly like the gardens, pool and relaxed atmosphere. Ask for a Deluxe Room in the BACK quite building, they are spacious with great balconies with a nice outlook. There are no elevators so if you need a ground floor let them know.  Price approx: A$50 -$60per night. 

The Oasis LagoonHas nice asian slightly Japanese style rooms with a balcony that surrounds the pool. Personally the balconies are a bit to cage like for me.  Pric approx: $80per night. 

Maya Sunar ~ Beach front and a more upmarket property with prices starting at $267per night. 

Seminyak Hotel:

The Breezes Bali Resort and Spa ~ came highly recommend by four retreat participants in 2017 if your looking for a different location after retreat.

What is the accommodation like?

Chetana has handpicked the rooms at Gaia Oasis to assure your comfort and overall enjoyment is maximised. The rooms have been built in a traditional Balinese style with fans and all have their own individual character and charm.

Am I able to request a single room?

Yes, however, it is based on availability, so get in early.

Can I choose who I share with?

If you are travelling with a friend then, yes, you are able to share with your friend. Please state this on the registration form. If you are happy to share your room with someone, we will endeavour to do so with someone of the same sex. You’ll be put in contact to have a chat prior.

How do I get to Bali?

Several airlines offer services to Ngurah Rai International Airport at Denpasar.

Georgina_Grandi WEBPROFILE_013(2).jpg

Georgina Grandi is a Personal Travel Manager at Travel Managers and can take care of all your travel arrangements, offering competitive pricing on airfares and travel arrangements to Bali and beyond.

Email Georgina at, call (+61) 0410 741 240 or complete the Travel Booking Form for a quote.

Airlines servicing Bali from Australia and New Zealand are:

Qantas, Virgin Australia Airlines, Garuda Airlines, Jetstar Airlines, Air Asia and Air New Zealand. Airfares also available from other countries.

A 10% Discount on Travel Insurance -  is offered to all “Yoga for the Soul Retreats” participants when purchased through Georgina Grandi or, call (+61) 0410 741 240.

Travel Insurance is covered by Allianz Global Assistance

 How do I get to the retreat location?

You will be picked up a designated spot at the beach side town of Sanur at 10am on the first day of retreat and will be transferred to Gaia Oasis, approximately a 3.5hour drive north.

How do I get from the airport to my pre retreat accommodation in Sanur?

Georgina can organise this for you when she organises your flight. Or you can contact Gede from Bali Charters to organise this for you

What will the food be like in Bali?

Yummy! Gaia Oasis provides a wholesome vegetarian and seafood menu. You’ll enjoy a mix of Indonesian and Western food. Most breakfasts will have bread, fresh fruit, muesli, yogurt, eggs, along with tea and coffee. Lunches and dinners will vary and a favourite of most is the 3 p.m. sweets tray.J

You’ll have access to herbal teas, Balinese coffee, hot chocolate and water 24 hours a day.

Dietary requirements are catered for, so please clearly state any requirements on your registration form and we will endeavour to do our best.

Am I required to bring my own yoga mat and cushion?

No. Yoga mats and cushions are provided. However, an inflatable meditation cushion is highly recommended. These are light and easy to deflate and carry, and you won’t regret it. If, like me, you prefer practicing on your own personal yoga mat bring it along.

You can order an inflatable cushion through the online shop.

  • Mobile Meditator Inflatable Cushion: AUD$45


What will the weather be like in April?

April is when the weather begins to transition from monsoon into the dry season. The rain lessens and you can expect a mixture of overcast and sunny days, with a shower of rain every now and then. The average high is 27°C / 80°F, while the average low is 22°C / 72°F. Humidity can still be a little high this time of year; however, there is an ocean breeze to cool you off.

What clothes do I need to bring, do I have to cover up in in temples?

Although accustomed to the western visitor, you will notice the Balinese are more conservative in their dress and interactions. We advise to respect the local traditions and therefore make an effort to dress more conservatively than you might in the West when heading outside the resort area.

When you visit temples, traditional Balinese attire must be worn, but don’t worry I have you covered for this. Ladies bring along a white or yellow-sleeved top to wear as part of the ceremony outings. Men a short sleeved shirt.

Closer to the date you will receive a "what to bring list."

You will be more comfortable in loose, cotton clothing in the Bali climate.

Am I required to bring walking boots?

We will be walking over uneven terrains; rocky beaches, jungle beach side tracks and meandering paths, it is advisable to wear footwear that is suitable for these occasions; runners with a good tread would be suitable. Or if you are confident in a sturdy pair of sport walking sandals they could also do the job – please note: twisted ankles occur more easily in this type of walking sandal, and I know because I did it myself.

Should I bring a backpack or a suitcase?

A small/medium size suitcase will do the job. We advise that you bring a daypack or a small bag to carry water, camera, snorkelling gear and any other items required on our outings.

Is the water safe to drink in Bali?

At Gaia Oasis, they provide filtered water which is safe to drink, you can refill your water bottle 24 hrs a day at the restaurant’s tea area.

Gaia Oasis’s tap water is also treated; however, we recommend you to use your bottle refill provided at the restaurant when cleaning your teeth.

It is recommended to only drink bottled water outside of the resort.

When we have spare time is it safe for woman to walk around alone?

This depends on the location and the time of day. It is best to use your common sense and instincts when venturing out. Safety in numbers is always a good call. Bali is a beautiful, gentle country, but it is always better to be vigilant. Tejakula is generally a safe area.

Are there ATM’s?

Yes, there are two ATM’s in Tejakula. The maximum withdrawal from an ATM is around AUD$250 per transaction; however, you can make multiple withdrawals on the same day if needed. It is advised to have sufficient funds to cover your personal expenses on arrival.

Travels cheques aren’t accepted at the hotel, but you can pay for any additional costs by visa or mastercard.

Is there WI-FI / Internet connections available?

Wi-Fi is accessible at the reception and restaurant; however, it can be painfully slow!!

Where are the yoga classes taught?

You will practice yoga/meditation in the peacefully appointed Diamond Yoga Room, which is equipped with all that is needed for an enjoyable practice of yoga and meditation.

Will I be travelling in areas that are deemed unsafe?

Being a resort based retreat and tucked away on the North Coast of Bali, you are removed from the main thoroughfare of Bali where the majority of visitors go. Our outings are local and authentic experiences, so we are at a very low risk of being in any area of concern. However, being a smart traveller is always advised by purchasing Travel Insurance and being attentive to your surroundings and belongings.  

Do I require any immunisation to travel to Bali?

It is the personal choice of the individual to choose whether to have immunisation or not. We do advise that you seek medical advise from your local doctor or travel clinic at least eight weeks before departure for the latest information. Malaria doesn’t seem to be a problem in Tejakula; however, Dengue Fever is something you should consider when discussing your own health and safety with your doctor.

Here are additional links to assist you.

PS: The most common issue facing travellers to Indonesia is Bali Belly, relating to local hygiene, safe water and food preparations. As we are at Gaia Oasis, there is a very low risk of this occurring. However, you will receive a couple of tips on how to minimise this risk in your final documentation.

Do I require a visa to visit Bali?

Yes, the easiest way is to get your visa is on arrival at Ngurah Rai International Airport Denpasar. Currently Australians get a free 30-Day Visa on arrival. Please refer to the following website for the latest information and visa costs and requirements for Bali.

Am I able to opt out of any of the excursions?

Yes, you can participate as much or as little as you wish. However, your visit will be enriched all that more by participating in the wonderful outings organised.

Can you please provide an outline of the overall expected costs and inclusions for the trip?

  • Upon booking a non-refundable deposit of AUD$600 is required, with the balance of either the Early-bird or regular fee to pay.

  • Each guest is required to purchase their own flight ticket, Travel Insurance, immunizations and any pre or post accommodation and activities.

The trip includes everything with the exception of any beverages you may choose to have other than from the Free Drinks Table (herbal & Indian teas, Balinese coffee, cocoa and water). Laundry, souvenirs and gifts, any phone calls and any other personal services you may choose to have that are not stated on the itinerary are at your own expense. A full list of what is and isn’t included is detailed at the bottom of the itinerary click here.

Are all food and beverages included in the pricing? Is there a cocktail bar?

All meals from dinner on Day 1 to breakfast on Day 7 are included in the price. Beverages other than those on the “Free Drinks Table” are not included in the price of the trip.

There are mocktails, smoothies and lassies galore; however, sorry to say, no cocktails that contain alcohol with an umbrellas. Balinese Rose and Sparkling wine along with the national Bintang beer can be purchased at the restaurant. You can expect to pay around AUD$25 for a bottle of wine.

You can bring duty-free alcohol to the resort, but it cannot be consumed at the restaurant, however you do have a nice balcony.

How much does a massage cost?

There are two spa treatments included in the price of the trip. However, if you choose to have additional spa treatments you can expect to pay up to AUD$40 at the resort.

What other activities can we do, outside of the itinerary?

You may choose to have additional spa treatments, go shopping or buy a couple of souvenirs for yourself.

  • Visit a local healer – approx. $25pp

  • Join a Balinese weaving & dying workshop – approx. $35pp

  • Participate in Balinese art class – approx. $35pp

  • Go for a scuba dive – approx. $50 - $80pp (1 to 2 dives)

  • Cooking class – approx. $35pp

Upon arrival in Bali, are airport transfers included in the price?

Yes, airport transfers to/from Ngurah Rai International Airport at Denpasar are covered in the package. Or from: Taman Agung Hotel in Sanur if you have flown in early.

Are gratuities covered in the trip costs?

No. In relation to the gratuities, it is at your personal discretion how much you wish to tip.

The Gaia Oasis staff work tirelessly to assure your stay is enjoyable and there are as many people behind the scenes making sure this is achieved as up front.

A guide would be to allow for $10 a day ($70 in total), which will be shared amongst all the staff.

At reception, you will find a tip box near the desk.

I understand that I need to purchase travel insurance. Do you have a provider you have worked with and are comfortable with?

Yes, it is the responsibility of each participant to have his or her own travel insurance. We recommend you shop around and locate the best insurance to suit your needs. It can be purchased through a variety of channels from specialised insurance brokers, travel agents - Georgina Grandi and banks.

I have used Southern Cross Insurance in recent years that I have been very happy with. However it is advised that you do your research to assure your needs are being met. Or take all the work out of it and let Georgina Grandi organise it for you.