6wk Yoga and Meditation Course to Conquer Stress and Anxiety

Hi Chetana,


Just wanted to say thank you for the 6 week course using breathing techniques for anxiety. Having suffered anxiety and depression I found these classes so soothing! I’m more aware of my breath and I feel a lot more present.

Your healing, calm voice during Yoga Nidra assured a peaceful environment to be in the moment.

This course is such a good resource for those of us who are sensitive.

Many thanks and Namaste.

Sally Simpson, Northern Beaches Australia - June 2019

Holly Shoebridge

6wk Yoga and Meditation Course to Conquer Stress and Anxiety

Thank you, Chetana for the 6 week yoga + meditation course. A gentle, effective and most educational introduction to asana, pranayama and differing meditation techniques. Your patience, knowledge & how the classes are led are perfect for a complete yoga beginner. I look forward to continuing to learn and practice.

Holly Shoebridge, Northern Beaches Australia - June 2019


Life Affirming… Nepal Retreat

“There is something life-affirming about Chetana’s Yoga for the Soul Retreats. My advice to those considering it is to just do it!

Go wide, expose yourself, re-centre and recharge those spiritual batteries.

Let budget concerns go out the window and inhale this unique experience.

Go for the yoga, stress relief, health, ethereal mountains, food, cultural journey, humanhood – it doesn’t matter.

Nepal will confront and astound, Chetana will unite and guide, her passion, faith and teachings will linger ...

Find out what you can do! ”

Natalie, Queenscliff, Australia - October 2018


Extremely Fortunate… Bali Retreat

I was extremely fortunate  to have recently attended Chetana’s,  Yoga For The Soul Retreat’s Bali retreat.

The location was absolutely divine as were the teachings Chetana brought  into the mix. 

She has helped me to once again ignite my passion for yoga and establish a daily practice to support me on so many levels into the future.

I highly recommend this retreat for anyone who needs to de stress,  unwind and leave feeling fully rejuvenated.❤️

Samhita, Sydney, Australia April 2019

Natalie_First nightNepal 2.jpg

Life Changing… Nepal Retreat

Having just returned from Chetana’s Yoga For The Soul Retreats in Nepal, I can honestly say it has changed my life. It was everything I was hoping for and more.

Each day began with Chetana’s yoga class which was delivered in a way that was nurturing, professional with so much experience and organic in her adaptation to our needs. The settings changed from beautiful indoor spaces to rooftops with stunning views of valleys, to the breathtaking snow capped Annapurna mountain ranges.

The days then brought new adventures and experiences of this amazing country from circumambulating holy sites and stupas, to world heritage sites, a Tibetan Lama talk, exploration of a Buddhist monastery and trekking through beautiful villages, always greeted by the gentle warm smiles of the Nepalese people.

Chetana’s attention to detail and our everyday needs was evident as was her dedication to a yogic way of life combined with love of travel and respect for the culture and traditions of the Nepalese people.

One more thing that added to the fulfilment of this trip for me was the awareness of contributing to those in need such as a tour and cooking class at the organisation of Seven Women Nepal which empowers disadvantaged women, a visit to an orphanage and some shopping at organisations that also help the disadvantaged.

I would highly recommend going on one of Chetana’s retreats, they can’t help but change your life.

Jennie Gray, Central Coast, Australia – October 2018

Carolyn sitting at a tanka shop at Swayambhunath Stupa, Kathmandu

Carolyn sitting at a tanka shop at Swayambhunath Stupa, Kathmandu

Wonderful Experience! Nepal Retreat

"I have been fortunate to have travelled to many countries, over many years. I have hiked, biked, trekked, toured, back-packed and 5-starred the length and breadth of most continents. 

Yoga for the Soul Retreats with Chetana at the helm has been one of the most wonderful travel experiences of my life!

Because of her passion for Nepal, her knowledge of yoga practice and her love of travel herself, Chetana was able to open doors to both spiritual and geographical worlds that one only sees in books. 

Her sensitivity to understand individual needs, her respect and reverence to local culture and people led us in a beautiful journey both inwardly and outwardly. 

An experience that will stay with me a lifetime. Thank you Chetana!"

Carolyn Armstrong, Katoomba, Australia – April 2016


Ethical Retreat… Nepal Retreat

" Chetena plans and leads her retreats with great love, attention to detail and a deep knowledge of Nepal. 

We had a simply wonderful time omming our way around Nepal, doing yoga in wood panelled sunlit rooms, on rooftops, in the shadow of great mountain ranges. We stayed in restful oases to recharged our batteries after the bustle of Katmandu streets, hilltop treks, and lots of bargain hunting. 

I appreciated her ethical approach to engaging local experts, women only trekking companies and supporting significant projects. 

Couldn't recommend this trip more highly."


Sue Armstrong, Narrabeen, Australia - 2016

Weekly Yoga Classes...

“If you’ve never tried Chetana’s yoga classes I suggest that you do!!

Grab your mat and get ready for a class that offers the deepest most beneficial practice of your life!!

Chetana’s experienced teachings offer an integral and thorough approach to balancing the body, mind and spirit.

Expect a diverse range of practices, humour, some blissful singing and best of all - to feel self improved!!!

Old hands and newbies would love any class as practices are modified to suit student needs.”

Jemina Darke, Balgowlah, Australia  September 2017

Kayleen looking quite relaxed after her 90 massage at Jiva Cafe & Spa, Pokhara Nepal.

Kayleen looking quite relaxed after her 90 massage at Jiva Cafe & Spa, Pokhara Nepal.

Joyful & Exhilarating!  Nepal Retreat

"Yoga for the Soul Retreats experience was joyful, exhilarating and at times deeply moving.

I feel gratitude to Chetana for the attention to detail in the planning of such a balanced itinerary. Her understanding, love and respect for the Nepali people was evident in the way in which the program was then able to evolve and unfold. 

I adored the daily yoga sessions accompanied by harmonium and tanpura (classical Indian instruments) in amazing and usually out of the way venues. 

Although I hadn't met Chetana or any of the group members I felt supported and at ease with every stage of the journey". 


Kayleen Deaves, Nundle, Australia – April 2016

“It felt very personal! Nepal Retreat


Chetana curated a fascinating and spiritual yoga and cultural retreat that spanned some of the most interesting parts of Nepal. 

Her warm relationships with guides and hosts saw them going out of their way to please us. We experienced blessings from rinpoche’s and festivities in local homes. 

Chetana’s care and expertise even involved our daily yoga, breathing and meditation being geared to the other activities of the day.

In this way Chetana catered for our internal and external needs. Still smiling.”

Daphne Sider, Manly, Australia ~ October 2017

Awsome! Nepal Retreat

"This Nepal trip was awesome! Exciting, relaxing and educational. 

Chetana is an excellent yoga teacher and trip leader. Due to her extensive experience and contacts she has taken us to interesting and fascinating places in Nepal. 

Nothing was a problem; plans were altered to suit all our needs in a very caring and supportive manner. 

I'm hoping to join the next tour in Bali - April 2017!

72yrs young, so suits all ages:)"

Ros Hutton, Wisemans Ferry, Australia – April 2016

Cultural Understanding! Nepal Retreat

"Chetana’s local experience and understanding of the Nepalese culture enabled us to peak underneath the curtain that normally obscures the tourists’ view and experience a part of Nepal’s true nature –  the beauty, kindness and spiritual nature of its people, who have so little. Weeks after the trip now, moments stay with me that touched me deeply; I hope they always do. A very special trip, thank you Chetana".

Maybron McNamara, Australia - April 2016

Amazing! Nepal Retreat


"A truly memorable journey and experience I believe would never have been possible without Chetana's guidance.

Such an authentic journey into the heart of Nepal. How privileged we were to be welcomed with such open arms by everyone we met from teashop owners, shop keepers who we enjoyed open discussions and the company of our giggling trekking guides and sharing the practice of yoga and singing kirtans with our guesthouse hosts and guides. 

Everything was so easy, enjoyable, natural, organic, adaptive, engaging and well organised. 

I look forward to exploring another corner of the world with Chetana under her extraordinary planning and careful loving eye."

Indrani Wilks, Lane Cove, Australia – April 2016

New Moon Nada Yoga (Mantra) Workshop...

"I arrived feeling a little tired and not so inspired.  Then as Chetana gently lead us through the practices, playing the tanpura and harmonium and chanting mantra, I could feel myself going into a more and more quieter, internalised space where I felt more connected and tuned into my body, breath, the sound vibration in my body and the collective sounds of all the other participants in the room we were in.

By the end of the workshop I felt refreshed and energised and this feeling stayed with me well into the weekend."

                                                                                    Karen Rinkle,Forestville  November 2016


Private Yoga Classes...

“I have been fortunate to have Chetana come to my home for a private yoga class every Thursday. The individualised and personally focused instruction has re-invigorated my yoga practice and has helped me to become more flexible, relaxed and centred. The benefits of private instruction have been significant as each week Chetana is able to accommodate my varying needs and provide me with the tools to continue my practice daily.”

Tina Berkeley, Newport, Australia – December 2014

Private Yoga Classes...


Simone, Australia – December 2014

“A truly beautiful experience. Haven’t been as energised and relaxed in a long time. Recommended!”

Max Althammer, Germany – March 2014

“I really enjoy the yoga course at Hilltop Guesthouse at Begnas Lake, Nepal!! It was perfect for getting an overview of everything related to yoga! And also the place was peaceful and quiet, perfect for the practice!! Thank u very much!! Ps: the teacher, Chetana was also brilliant!!!”

Sebastian, Spain – March 2014

“Thank you Chetana for opening my heart to the world and reality of yoga, it is so beautiful!! I’m now on a journey of self discovery, and through your teachings I’m becoming more conscious of who I am. I hope we will meet again and you will teach me many beautiful things about myself, Yoga and its energy!!…”

Eva, Poland – February 2014

“I had the great pleasure to enjoy some yoga classes with Chetana in February in Pokhara. She was very professional with a calmness and centring manner which made it special. She even succeeded in talking the group through three different breathing exercises simultaneously without any distracting moment – amazing! I wish I would be able to join more of her classes – or find someone comparable back home. Thank you for this extraordinary gift!”

Miriam, Germany – February 2014

“The mid-week yoga course in Pokhara, Nepal with Chetana, was great. What a gem! Thank you so much, Chetana – you’ve definitely inspired me to a right real yoga nut, both on and off the mat! Tashi Dele.”

Ali Mcturtle, New Zealand – December 2013

“Chetana provided to give me exactly the training that I needed, during a three day retreat in the Buddhist Meditation Centre in Pokhara, Nepal. She taught me how to build my own yoga practice and did so with care and ease. She has a loving personality and great teaching skills.”

Mick, Holland – December 2013

“I loved the yoga course in Pokhara. I really learnt so much more that I expected – about the meanings behind the asanas, meditation, how to create my own yoga routine and the Ayurvedic aspect of it too – it was very comprehensive. I loved the yoga practice and found it far more diverse and tailored to the group than other courses that I have joined. It left me truly inspired to continue to develop my practice of both yoga and meditation!!”

Becky O’Grady – 2013

“Thank you for the wonderful course with you! I have been so inspired that I’m starting my teacher training tomorrow at Shivananda.  Om Shanti”

Donata, Germany – 2013

“I took part in the mid-week Yoga Course and had so many new experiences, it really opened up new options to me and how I wanted to live. Chetana the yoga teacher is amazing and so professional.”

Verena, Germany – December 2013

“The yoga retreat was incredible and has given me direction in pursuing it in my everyday life. Since, I have been doing yoga every morning on my own, it’s been really good in helping with anxiety and as a de-stressor.
You really are a great teacher, a big thank you Chetana.”

Janine, South Africa – December 2013.

“As a yoga teacher trained in Yin yoga, it was a pleasure to take the mid-week Yoga and Meditation course at the Pokhara Buddhist Centre, under Chetana’s tutelage. Chetana introduced me to poses and practices that were new to me, enriching not only my understanding of yoga, but enabling me to return to my country with fresh options for my students and fellow practitioners. Thank you Chetana.”

Bonita – October 2013

“Yoga for the Soul’s classes at Mangrove, Australia, have been rejuvenating and inspiring. The room is always prepared for us with mats in place and temperature adjusted to our comfort and lighting creating an atmosphere. Chetana is always reminding those of us who are recovering from injury to be aware of our limits. I have hurt my back and Chetana is able to give me a posture that is not going to strain my injuries while others can perform the full posture. She always includes some meditation and breathing practices that are fabulous for clearing the mind and relaxing. I am always enthusiastic to book for another term.”

Debbie Morton, Australia – 2011

“I have done a bit of yoga with other people over the years but never as intensely as I have with Chetana. I enjoy the classes so much I very rarely miss one. Chetana is a fabulous teacher and encourages you to do only what you feel your body is capable of.”

Hillary, Somersby – Australia 2011

“Chetana has been my guide into the world of yoga and has taken me gently through the beginning weeks into becoming a dedicated yoga practitioner. She creates a safe and positive environment for my yoga practice, is always attuned to individual needs and capabilities and inspires me to learn and improve. I’d recommend anyone of any level of physical fitness and mobility to try a class with Chetana and feel the positive impact this has.”

Karen Gillespi, Australia – 2011

“Chetana’s classes are inspiring me more and more. Her, sometimes, no nonsense classes are taxing, but a joy and challenge.
I hope she’ll stay around for a good while.”

Pierre, Australia – 2011

“Since starting yoga with Chetana I feel more flexible and relaxed.”

Vanessa, Australia – 2011