Image curtasy of Jed Adan

Image curtasy of Jed Adan

Natural Breath Awareness

Natural Breath Awareness is a simple technique which anyone can do. It’s a wonderful way to begin your own pranayama practice and feel the benefits of breathing practices for yourself.

  • Start by sitting or lying in any comfortable position, and take some time to settle in. Then:
  • Begin to notice the breath. How does it feel? Is it shallow, or deep; fast, or slow? Is there any tension in the breath?
  • Keep noticing. Become aware of the temperature of the breath: coolness on the inhalation, and warmth on the exhalation.
  • Follow the pathway of the breath from nose all the way to the abdomen.

As you become increasingly aware of the rhythm of your breath, don’t try to change it.

The skill in Natural Breath Awareness is exactly that: observing the breath without changing it.