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RELAX, REJUVENATE, RESTORE! A Spiritual Immersion Mixed With Some Serious YOU TIME

  • Gaia Oasis 99 Jalan Pura Bingin Bali, 81173 Indonesia (map)

As the sun rises over the shimmering ocean, you walk quietly along a cobblestone path through the tropical gardens to your yoga shala. 

Anticipating the relaxation to come, you stop for a moment to savour the sweet smell of incense wafting on the morning breeze. 


Moments later, you enter the shala to the melodic sound of a stringed instrument, not so different to a harp, its soothing notes transporting you into to an even deeper space of serenity.

Throughout the guided yoga and meditation practices, you move effortlessly, naturally, peacefully -- your body and mind reveling at this opportunity to let go and return to the rhythm of your true nature. READ MORE