"If you’re yearning for some serious “YOU TIME” and ready to push the pause button
to change your life from STRESS to YES! join me for a culturally and
spiritually rich yoga retreat on the tranquil Isle of Bali!"

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As the sun rises over the shimmering ocean, you walk quietly along a cobblestone path through the tropical gardens to your yoga shala. 

Anticipating the relaxation to come, you stop for a moment to savour the sweet smell of incense wafting on the morning breeze. 

Moments later, you enter the shala to the melodic sound of a stringed instrument --- not so different to a harp.  Its soothing notes transport you into to an even deeper space of serenity.

Throughout the guided yoga and meditation practices, you move effortlessly, naturally, peacefully.  Your body and mind revel at this opportunity to let go and return to the rhythm of your true nature.

Only moments later --- or so it seems --- you emerge deeply nourished and satisfied, ready for even more relaxation.

Later that day, sinking into a beachside daybed, you find yourself smiling with delight as you sip on a fresh lemongrass tea, reflecting on the highlights of the past few days.

And those highlights Include: rubbing shoulders with the locals; playing music with the village children; taking part in spiritual cleansing rituals; luxuriating in sensual spa treatments and dining on scrumptious cuisine.

“Ahhh, what delights!"

Gaia Oasis is the PERFECT place to spend
7 glorious days if you’re..


Yearning to regain that balance in life you so deserve?

You got it! With restful yoga and meditation in the heart of a peaceful island paradise, we'll help you slow down, nourish your body and recharge your soul.

Longing to experience the deepest of relaxations possible for your body, mind and emotions?

You’re in luck! No retreat is complete without a daily dose of the deep relaxation practice, Yoga Nidra.  It’s equivalent to 3 hours deep sleep done in only 30 minutes. You’ll love it!

Ready for that life of less stress that you’re so worthy of? 

It’s yours! As mindful breathing techniques melt away the stresses of your life, you’ll feel replenished, calm and centred

Linda in Hammoch 2.jpg

Desiring the serious YOU time, that you truly deserve?

It’s waiting for you! Enjoy a good book in the hammock, a dip in the ocean; maybe a snorkel, or a snooze on the daybed… 

You have the time to choose how to unwind!


Hankering for some serious self-care to restore your mojo to its magic charm?

Get ready for it! Through a combination of healing yoga practices, guided meditations, and a spiritual water cleansing your stresses will melt away and your inner joy, peace and magical charm with be restored



So... WHY should you join me?

“Because by the end of this retreat, you’ll be rejoicing in the magic that has been awakened by your immersion into wellness. After immersing yourself in deep, restorative yoga and meditation, illuminating
spiritual rituals, rich encounters with the locals, and “YOU TIME” to do simply nothing, you’ll
emerge totally de-stressed, joyful and ready for the time of your life!”


You’ll discover that Bali is a magical island of sandy beaches, swaying palm trees and spectacular vistas of terraced rice fields…

But it is so much more. 

It’s an ancient land steeped in myths, exotic rituals and a rich colourful culture that sets a mood, an aspiration, and a tropical state of mind.

An environment in which you can truly rediscover yourself and the joys in your life…


Your Home For 7 Glorious Nights and 6 Days...

cropped pantai resturant.jpg

Is the village of Tejakula, located on the north coast of Bali, it is here you will relax, rejuvenate and rejoice

Tejakula means "the light of people".  What better place to lighten your load?

You’ll enjoy 6 glorious nights at Gaia Oasis – Pantai Beach Resort, relishing exotic food, culture, spiritual water cleansing, spa treatments, yoga, meditation … and some serious You Time!

I have hand-picked Gaia Oasis for its beauty, location and nurturing environment. You’ll be nestled on a secluded beachfront in one of eleven uniquely designed Balinese-style bungalows.

The bungalows are beautifully constructed out of bamboo, natural stone and wood, and some have traditional Alang-Alang grass roofs.


The bungalows themselves are uniquely designed to maximise airflow and natural ventilation with open-air bathrooms,  mosquito nets, and your own balcony day-bed.

Think of Julia Roberts in Eat Pray Love.

However, no tourists or touts to be seen!


 Gaia-Oasis is far more than your average beach resort.

As well as being an idyllic retreat location, the resort is a non-profit organisation which works to restore and preserve the environment, culture and education of people in the local village of Tejakula and the surrounding area.




ORGANIC, FRESH, TASTY…  Simply Delicious!

Prepare yourself for a mouth-watering culinary experience of exotic vegetarian and fish dishes with an Indonesian and Western influence ~ your taste buds will be delighted…

Our talented Balinese chefs Siasan, Subian and team will lovingly prepare delights for you to enjoy.  You'll be offered traditional Indonesian meals:  

Gado-gado is one of Indonesia's most famous dishes, and with good reason – it's delicious! A combination of sweet, spicy peanut sauce with crisp vegetables. In one word, yum…

Another favourite is the vegetarian or seafood Nasi or Mie Goreng, a rice or noodle dish topped with a mouth-watering sauce.

And if sweet is more your thing and the 3pm sugar low hits, we have you covered (well Siasan and Subian do!)


Enjoy a pick-me-up with an exotic Balinese sweet such as Klepon, the Sweet Coconut Rice Balls that melt in your mouth or a succulent piece of tropical fruit, accompanied with a hot bevy of your choice…

Maybe you’d prefer something cool and refreshing? What about sipping on a fresh coconut taken straight from the tree or one of the best lassies (yoghurt mixed drinks) I’ve ever had.  And yes I’ve had a few.

You’ll be delighted to know that what we eat is plucked straight from the resorts Abasan organic garden.  Breads and cakes are freshly baked.  And all the jams, crackers, dips, sauces, yoghurt, muesli and herbal teas… are all made onsite at Gaia…

Now, if gluten, dairy or other foods aren’t right for you – not a problem – Siasan and Subian will happily accommodate your nutritional needs, just let me know. Delicious wholesome food is an essential part of your nurturing escape away!


Chid and Belinda share their experience of their time on retreat…

A Sea Of Delights...


There’s something quite special about being on the water in a jukung traditional Balinese fishing boat for a sunrise dolphin cruise.  

The soft hue of colours, the gentle motion of the waves, and the sound of birdlife awakening to a new day.  And if all goes well, a few frolicking dolphins just a stone’s throw away!

A real highlight for me and so many others is the spiritual cleansing ritual of Melukat which means “to cleanse or purify”.


Picture yourself with gentle waves lapping at your feet at one of Bali’s most important seaside temples, Pomjok Batu.  (Important, but not on the tourist route.)

Being cleansed with holy water infused with sacred flowers, and coconut water while the Balinese priest softly chants mantras to move your sole. 

Don’t you want to embrace this opportunity to wash away all that is no longer serving you in your life?

You'll never regret this.

And if that isn’t enough, wait until you sit under Lez Waterfall for a natural body massage like no other … 


Delights Of Being Pampered ~ Spa Bliss...

Let’s not kid ourselves, no retreat to Bali is complete without the pampering of a traditional spa treatment.  Well, maybe two…  

Get ready to be nourished from head to toe with freshly picked herbs infused into pacifying body scrubs, creams and oils … 

Your body will never be the same!


Delights Of The Heart...


You’ll be smiling from ear to ear when you join the local kids of The Tejakula Sound School Gamelan Orchestra, banging away on percussion instruments.

This is an initiative created to support the poor village communities surrounding Tejakula in keeping an ancient art alive. These kids really are talented!    

We always have a good laugh at ourselves, and it’s FUN!

Delights of Yoga, Meditation & More…

If it is hot and sweaty yoga  you are looking for, you’ve come to the wrong place…

However, if you’re ready to embrace practices that create peace, harmony and bring joy to your body, mind and soul -- you’ve found your perfect retreat!

As the week unfolds, you’ll discover your body is more supple, your mind more peaceful, and your energy restored.  

Best of all, get ready for that mental chatter to drop away, allowing you to go deeper (I’m NOT talking about the splits, or mighty backbends here) and discover an inner peace and joy that resides within.

Bali yoga.jpg

Imagine yourself as the sun rises over a shimmering blue ocean moving mindfully through postures (nothing too hard), balancing breathing techniques and a mantra meditation that brings about such serenity and a state of inner peace, that you’ll be begging me for more.

Followed up at midday with a Yoga Nidra (profound relaxation).  Yes, you'll be lying down. It is everyone’s favourite.

And if that isn’t enough, in the afternoon you can luxuriate in a restorative yoga and meditation class…

Really, what isn’t there to love!


Delights of Paying It Forward...

There is so much to rejoice about on this retreat and it’s doubly rewarding knowing when you come on journey with Chetana you are paying it forward, supporting programs that help children in the local school, the Destawan Children’s Home, and also providing education scholarships.

You’ll meet some of the children that Yoga For The Soul Retreats directly supports with food, clothing and educational needs. 



So What Do You Have to Gain...

C3N0WF (1).jpg

A great deal if you’re needing some serious YOU time and ready to Relax, Rejuvenate and Rejoice, as I have the antidote!

So, prepare yourself, because you will get all that and more, as this retreat has been created with you in mind…

Have a peek, get excited, and see what you will experience:

  • Be immersed in yoga, guided meditation and a mantra practice that will nourish your body, mind and soul. 

  • Luxuriate in an amazing traditional spa treatments. You’ll definitely return home feeling replenished, rebalanced and recharged

  • Learn mindful breathing techniques which melt away the stresses of life, leaving you replenished, calm and centred.

  • Let go in the daily sessions of Yoga Nidra.  A supine meditation practice that is equivalent to 3 hours deep sleep done in only 30 minutes.  One yogic capsule you definitely don’t want to miss.   

  • No phone calls or emails to respond to, no children to care for, no place to be, nothing but 7 glorious days of pampering for YOU to enjoy… Bliss!

  • You’ll learn a simple mantra meditation practice, with profound benefits resulting in clarity of mind, so you can maintain balance and joy in your day to day life when returning home.

  • Gather a toolbox of easy yogic/meditation practices that will maintain balance and joy in your life. You won’t go home empty handed…

  • Oh, and let’s not forget those wonderful connections and friendships you will make with like-minded folk… 

Are you ready to invest in yourself on this tropical escape to Relax, Rejuvenate & Rejoice?

I sure think so!



All Those Lovely Inclusions...

  • 7 nights’ accommodation at the tranquil Gaia Oasis, Pantai Beach Resort ~ twin share (single rooms available see pricing below)

  • Welcome mocktail drinks while you enjoy a traditional Balinese dance performance by the children of Tejakula village

  • Delicious vegetarian/seafood resort buffet meals: from Lunch on day 1 to Breakfast on day 8.

  • Free drinks table (herbal & Indian teas, Balinese coffee, cocoa and water)

  • Luscious Balinese desserts and fruit for afternoon tea.

  • Airport transfers to/from the resort. Designated pick-up point in Sanur.

  • An exquisitely authentic pampering spa treatment

  • Sunrise Dolphin cruise in a traditional jukung Balinese fishing boat

  • Traditional spiritual cleansing ceremony called Melukat

  • All spiritual rituals, including a Balinese basket offering

  • Lez Waterfall ½ day trip

  • Transportation and guides for our half-day trips

  • Entry fees to temples and sites visited

  • All Yoga and Meditation classes: An integral yoga practice of yoga postures, breathing practices, meditation, Nada Yoga, Yoga Nidra and more…

  • Airport transfer from airport to Sanur based hotel when you arrive a day or two early

  • Transfer from designated Sanur hotel to retreat resort.

  • Surprises, and other delightful extras!


What You Need To Cover

  • Your international round-trip flights (contact Georgina she can organise it all for you)

  • Balinese Visa

  • Pre and Post retreat accommodation

  • Breakfast on day 1, and dinner on day 8 (but don’t worry, Bali has amazing food at incredible prices!

  • Beverages, laundry, incidentals, additional spa services, personal phone calls or other activities not already mentioned

  • Souvenirs and shopping sprees

  • Tips for drivers (when not on group-arranged transportation), porters, housekeeping, spa, resort and restaurant staff

  • Travel Insurance including, medical, loss and trip cancellation or interruption insurance (which is a requirement to attend the retreat)

  • Airport transfer from Sanur to airport on day 8.

Flight Information...

Group_2018-04-16 14.11.06.jpg

As Denpasar airport to Tejakula is a 3.5-hour drive north and the majority of flights from Australia arrive in the evening and the retreat begins at 3pm.

It is suggested that you fly in a day or 2 earlier and head to the southern beachside town of Sanur.  (Visit the FAQ page for recommended hotels.) 

You will be picked up from Sanur on the morning of the retreat at 9.30am and transported to Gaia Oasis Pantai Resort in time for lunch.

Plan your departure flight for early / late evening. You’ll depart Tejakula around 1.30pm and arrive back in Sanur at approximately 5.30pm. Many people choose to stay on another night, do their last minute shopping and fly home the next day.

Consider staying a night in the south also… 




A Little About Chetana...

I love to travel and run culturally rich yoga and meditation retreats!

For me, rubbing shoulders with the locals, immersing myself in diverse and spiritually rich cultures, and sharing all that with others is my passion.

It all started back in my 20s when I bought a one-way ticket to Eastern Europe and beyond.

I travelled through Africa, the Middle East and Asia, often well off the beaten track. Oh, what stories I have to share!

Five years later I returned to Australia where I found myself seeking more from life.

I began to work and study in Outdoor Leadership and Guiding where I enjoyed leading people on outdoor adventures throughout Australia.

Chetana B.jpg

However, something was still missing, that elusive thing called “happiness”.  Oh, and a third car accident I’d just been involved in, yes three under my belt, this really got me thinking, WHY?

I began to study metaphysics and spiritual healing, and it was only when I discovered yoga and meditation that I found an inner peace and contentment that I had never quite experienced in life.

Before I knew it I had immersed myself in a life of yogic philosophy and lifestyle for the better part of ten years, living within an ashram environment in Australia, India, and a Buddhist centre in Nepal.

Now, all these years later, I’m living my dream -- drawing on all my experiences and sharing these wisdom teachings and spectacular countries with others.

And creating retreats like no other! 😍



What do others say?

The ‘Yoga for the Soul Retreats’ Bali retreat experience far exceeded my expectations. The amazing location, accommodation, food and beautiful staff are sufficient recommendation for the retreat but the highlight for me was the daily yoga sessions. The carefully sequenced classes by Chetana were readily accessible physically but so beautifully groundbreaking on an experiential level. The opportunity to develop understanding and be part of the cultural and spiritual life of the Tejakula community was also a mind and soul enriching experience. The entire retreat package was wonderfully nurturing at every level.

— Kayleen Deaves



Your Investment... 


You'll be joining a small intimate group of 8 - 15 like minded folk on this retreat to Relax, Rejuvenate, Rejoice!

The pricing below is based on TWIN SHARE, however a single bungalow awaits you if you wish. The single supplement is $260.

EARLY BIRD Price: 31 December 2019

  • Twin Share:   AUD $2,195

  • Single Supplement: AUD$260

Regular Price

  • Twin Share:   AUD $2,495

  • Single Supplement: AUD$260


Cancellation Policy:


Any cancellation made up to 2 February 2020 will result in a loss of the non-refundable deposit of $600.  Any cancellation made between 3 February and 3 March 50% of the total trip price.  Cancelations from 3 March to 2 May or no shows will result in a total loss of funds.  We reserve the right to cancel the trip if it is not meeting the trip minimum (if we do your money will be refunded in full). If you wish to cancel your reservation, it must be done in writing or via email and the cancellation will be effective as of the date Yoga for the Soul Retreats receives it.  Trip cancellation insurance is always recommended whenever making travel plans.

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