What Nepal taught me about Yoga

A deep sense of returning home enveloped me as I stepped across the Indian/Nepalese border; this sense only magnified as I wound through the majestic mountain ranges heading for Kathmandu.

My intention was to be in and out of Nepal within the month, then return to the ashram in Munger, India.


However, the cosmos had other plans for me…. and what wonderful plans they turned out to be.


Nepal quickly became one of my greatest teachers!!!


For the best part of seven years I’d lived within an ashram environment, both in India and Australia, now suddenly I was becoming more and more aware of the concept of yogic living.


Being surrounded by the humility and gentleness that the Nepalese people so easily display was having a positive imprint on me.


Swami Satyananda’s – “adapt, adjust, accommodate” was exactly the way they lived – from day to day, hour to hour, and for many even minute to minute.


My practice began to change from that unconscious mindset of conquer and conquest, to that conscious approach of adapt, adjust and accommodate.


For years I had secretly admired those who effortlessly did chaturanga dandasana without collapsing onto their bellies.


Now with this new insight I began to consciously embrace my practice to my needs of that present moment, all guilt aside.


I was gaining a greater understanding of what was limiting me from a fulfilling sense of inner peace, happiness and contentment.


My personal yoga practice continued to deepen – physically (yes I now do chaturanga tandasana), mentally, emotionally and spiritually.


I found I was becoming more understanding, compassionate and accepting of not only myself but of others.


This culminated in me sharing the riches of mantra yoga in the local Nepalese community as well as raising money to send four young Nepalese girls to school.  


Now this is practising yoga.

Nepal is the perfect canvas in which to explore yoga and to fully experience how a daily practice naturally becomes transformative and a process of self-evolution.


I would love to share with you the beauty of Nepal and the transformative power of yoga.


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“Chetana’s local experience and understanding of the Nepalese culture enabled us to peak underneath the curtain that normally obscures the tourists’ view and experience a part of Nepal’s true nature – the beauty, kindness and spiritual nature of its people, who have so little. Weeks after the trip now, moments stay with me that touched me deeply; I hope they always do. A very special trip, thank you Chetana”.

Maybron McNamara, Australia - April 2016