7 Things Your Travel Agent Can't Tell You About A Yoga Retreat In Bali

A yoga retreat in Bali may conjure up images of practising Sun Salutations as the sun rises over the ocean, accompanied by the sweet sound of waves and morning birdsong.

However, it can also be so much more…

Having spent August teaching at Gaia Oasis in northeast Bali, I want to share with you some of my experiences that are not in the travel brochures.

Bali is known for its outstanding natural beauty but it is also a place of integrity, and serenity, where the pace of life naturally slows you down and sends you home with a sense of peace and thankfulness.

1)  It’s a home away from home

I’m not a huge fan of “resorts”, but the traditional Balinese-style accommodation at Gaia Oasis built in harmony with the lush green hills and quiet beachfront, feels more like a home than a resort.

And being one of the few visitors to the tiny one-street village of Tejakula, with local people genuinely pleased to see you, gives you the warm welcome you’d expect from family.

All the rooms have fabulous views...

2)  Bali’s rich cultural and spiritual traditions will inspire your yoga
In Tejakula the daily observance of spiritual beliefs and practices is part of everyday life.
With three daily flower offerings around the resort, and a temple for worship and quiet reflection you can’t help but be inspired on your yogic and spiritual path.

3)  You’ll have a deeper experience of yoga and meditation
The relaxed and nurturing environment allows you to deepen your yoga, meditation and spiritual practices.

And when you can relax into a week-long yoga retreat, away from the usual distractions and responsibilities of daily life, you can experience a deeper level of mindfulness.

Three Offerings Around The Resort Every Day...

4) It’s an opportunity to give back

As a not-for-profit organisation, Gaia pours its profits into community projects designed to enrich the lives of local residents and protect the natural environment.

A visit to Gaia not only supports the community hosting you, it offers the opportunity to meet the people you’re helping.  So whilst enriching your own life you’re also helping others.

Click here to see the project Yoga For The Soul Retreats support in Bali – The Disadvantaged Women’s Project.

5)  You will be humbled

When surrounded by people who are gentle and yet strong in heart, left me feeling humbled.

It would be hard not to be touched by the Balinese caring and considerate nature.

Just observing the way they interact with each other and visitors is a lesson in how to put respect and compassion into action, and shows you it is possible to be content, no matter what challenges life brings.

Krishna, Mega, Edda, Puta, Mani and Gede - just some of the staff who will look after you:)


6) You’ll want to live a better life

After my stay at Gaia, I felt relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired to live a more balanced, heartfelt life.

It gave me the space to re-evaluate what is important, and I returned with a new motivation to prioritise self-care, have fun and spend time with family and friends.
Hey, life doesn’t have to be all work and no play! 😇

7)  It will open your heart

Bali is a place of the heart. As you meet the locals, enjoy the environment and settle into a relaxed pace of life it’s natural that you start to connect more with your heart, than your head.

Meeting and Making Dear Yogi Friends...

The April 2018 Relax, Rejoice, Rejuvenate Bali Yoga Retreat will leave you feeling calm, centred and balanced, so you have more space and time for yourself, and for others.

So even though it’s a holiday for you, you'll find when you’re relaxed and happy the people you love will reap the benefits too...

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Om Swastiastu
(A Balinese greeting and blessing)♡


PS: Research shows people who travel feel more fulfilled, are happier, and also live longer!