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4 week Mantra Meditation Immersion

As the sun rises over the ocean at South Narrabeen Surf Club, you’ll be guided through a meditative toning practice, to the melodic sound of a tanburi, a classical Indian stringed instrument.

Mediative toning is the creation of extended vocal sounds on a single vowel allowing you to experience the sound and its effects in other parts of the body.

Here youll feel the subtle inner vibrations that have been created which quickly bring you into the present moment.

No distractions, no monkey mind, a true moment of bliss!

Guided mindful yoga postures continue to give your body and mind the opportunity to let go, to release and relax even further…

With the sun slowly rising hirer in the sky you’ll be guided in a simple yet profound mantra meditation, which will set you up for the day ahead…

This simple, yet profound three-word mantra practice will take your meditation experience to another level.

By doing this practice you’re at risk of:  

  • Your day flowing with more ease
  • Becoming more productive and efficient
  • Communicating with more compassion
  • Feeling more content and joyful

Youll emerge deeply nourished, satisfied and ready to embrace each day.

This mantra immersion is for you if you’re:

  • Ready to tackle the busyness of your monkey mind.
  • Wanting to live and communicate more from your heart
  • Wishing to be more productive in your day
  • Ready for some serious self-care in the most enjoyable way
  • Learn or/and deepen your meditation experience
  • Improve the quality of your communication


You'll enjoy a non-competitive environment where classes are small enough to provide the personal attention you deserve...


By the end of the 4 weeks you will have learnt:

  • Simple meditative toning practices that create a vibration in different areas of the body in turn harmonising the body ~ mind and emotions
  • The correct tongue placements, rhythm and pace to a three worded mantra meditation that creates a deep quality of inner peace
  • 2 x meditation practices that are easy to practice daily at home
  • A breathing practice to increase the volume of breath
  • Practices that are perfect to elevate stress and anxiety
  • How to use a mala whilst chanting

Additional Bonuses:

  • You’ll also receive emails to support what you’ve learned in the classes.
  • A video showing you the correct tongue placements, the rhythm and the pace for you to download and use at home, you'll be sorted.

I do limit the number of spots available in courses to 15, which means they normally book out, so best to secure your spot if you're keen...

Any questions feel free to contact me on

I arrived feeling a little tired and not so inspired.  Then as Chetana gently lead us through the practices, playing the tanpura and harmonium and chanting mantra, I could feel myself going into a more and more quieter, internalised space where I felt more connected and tuned into my body, breath, the sound vibration in my body and the collective sounds of all the other participants in the room we were in. By the end of the workshop I felt refreshed and energised and this feeling stayed with me well into the weekend.
— Karen Rinkle, Forestville  November 2016



DATE: Wednesdays 6 February to 6 March
TIME:  6.30am – 7.30am
COST: $120 / $108* Please note early bird ends 2 March


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