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5 week Mantra Meditation Immersion

What Is Mantra Meditation?

Are you searching for a practice to make you feel free? A way to release yourself from the ordinary, reactive state of mind — so that you can experience true clarity?

Reach higher levels of awareness using Mantra Meditation.

A mantra is a word, phrase, or sound that is repeated as a way to focus concentration and achieve a meditative state. Mantra meditation evokes powerful feelings of happiness and vitality. You will reconnect with the wonders of being alive, and gain a new perspective from which you can make big decisions with confidence.

People often notice that with regular practice their communication becomes clearer, and the mind and emotions are calmer.

Most of us spend our days living with an overactive sympathetic nervous system; that’s the ‘fight or flight’ system which makes you feel on edge and stressed out. With mantra meditation, you can shift into the parasympathetic nervous system — the ‘rest and digest’ system. This allows you to transcend the lower levels of the ordinary mind and begin to communicate with more compassion and awareness.

In February I will lead you through your Nada Yoga practice as the early light of sunrise awakens your soul.

This practice is the Do Re Me of Classical Indian Singing.

Over 5 weeks on Wednesday mornings from 6.15am – 7.30am you will learn the Swara’s, along with the meditative toning practices which will transcend the busy chatter of the mind and steady the ebb and flow of unpredictable emotions.

No experience nor a good voice required. This is a practice of the heart — not the head.

So, if you are ready to learn:

  • Simple meditative toning practices that create a vibration in different areas of the body in turn — harmonising body, mind and emotions

  • The Swaras — the magical tones of Classical Indian Music that elevate the mind and emotions with immense power

  • Two meditation practices which are easy to practice daily at home

  • A breathing practice to increase the volume of breath

  • Techniques that are perfect to elevate stress and anxiety

Additional Bonuses:

  • You will receive audio files containing guided practices to support what you’ve learned in class

  • You will take home a manual containing the practices covered

This course is limited to 15 participants. These immersive experiences do sell out — so best to secure your spot now if you’re keen!

Please feel free to contact me on if you have any questions.

I arrived feeling a little tired and not so inspired.  Then as Chetana gently lead us through the practices, playing the tanpura and harmonium and chanting mantra, I could feel myself going into a more and more quieter, internalised space where I felt more connected and tuned into my body, breath, the sound vibration in my body and the collective sounds of all the other participants in the room we were in. By the end of the workshop I felt refreshed and energised and this feeling stayed with me well into the weekend.
— Karen Rinkle, Forestville  November 2016



DATE: Wednesdays 20 February to 20 March 2019
TIME:  6.15am – 7.30am
COST: $168 / $148* Please note early bird ends 14 November


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