Anahata Chakra

Have you read An Introduction to the Chakras? If not, head there now to equip yourself with a straightforward understanding of what the chakras are and what they do.


The fourth chakra is Anahata: the heart chakra. Let’s look at the qualities and functions of this love-laced energy centre.


Anahata Chakra and the Body


Anahata is located in the spinal area, in the region of the heart and the cardiac plexus. It is behind the sternum and level with the heart centre. Its colour is sky blue, with 12 petals.


Associated with the air element and with deep love and compassion, Anahata governs the sense of touch and the skin.


It is connected to the function and movement of the upper body, including the arms, shoulders and ribcage; and it controls the thymus gland which allows our bodies to grow and maintains a healthy immune system. Anahata is also linked with the heart and lungs on a physical level, and affects the nervous system.


 Anahata Chakra and the Mind


A clear and open Anahata chakra allows us to be aware; mentally free; and to feel a profound sense of security. With the energy of love and liberation we no longer care what others think of us — because we know we all have love and radiance at the core of ourselves.


If Anahata is blocked or out of balance you may struggle to give and receive love. You might experience intense feeling of distrust, or dwell excessively on a past relationship.

You might feel anxious and stressed, or hold tightly to grudges and negative feelings about other people. And it’s common for those with a blocked Anahata chakra to suppress their emotions and push partners, friends and relatives away.

And when it’s in balance? Anahata is all about love. It allows us to give love freely, to feel love for ourselves, and to embrace the transient nature of the world without fear.


How Does Anahata Influence Your Spiritual Journey?


This clarity, love and awareness paves the way for powerful spiritual growth. Anahata enables us to see that the only true teacher we need is within ourselves. We let go of old wounds and shift into a state of liberation.


Working with this chakra creates a profound and transformative connection with the intuition of your heart. That’s the teacher: love, intuition, and wisdom that transcends the physical world.


Bija Mantra


Each chakra is associated with a bija mantra — also known as a seed mantra. This is a one-syllable sound that can be chanted (out loud or silently) to support focus and a sense of liberation during yoga and meditation practice.


The bija mantra for Anahata is: YAM.


 Love, Awareness and Inner Wisdom


Anahata is an invaluable teacher. It is an access point to true and unconditional love — for yourself, others and all beings. And it’s within you. A part of you. You don’t have to look elsewhere to find the meaning of life.


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