Travelling Through the Elements of Culture

One of the wonderfully unique things about a Yoga For The Soul Retreats journey in Nepal is that it isn’t a typical escape-from-the-world retreat.

The journey begins in Kathmandu, where you can embrace the bustle and cultural richness of this vibrant town. There’s no hiding away in Kathmandu. Life is right there in front of you at every turn. 


The colourful prayer flags decorating the streets are a constant reminder that there is more to being human than meets the eye. The temples and monasteries serve to show you how inner beauty can reflect out into the physical world.


And then the journey will take you out of the city and into the mountains — because culture is not just about cities. The spiritual traditions of Nepal are as present in its rural villages as they are in its busy towns.


And the spirituality of this country can be felt as strongly in the stunning natural landscapes as it can in the manmade temples.


And somewhere between the hustle and bustle of a spiritual culture and the peace and stillness of the mountain, you will find your inner steadiness. Your true self.


A Balance Between Practice And Space

Each yoga class; every meditation practice; every delicious meal; each inspiring location and every deep, guided relaxation on this retreat has been woven into the mix to give you the opportunity to let go.


To ease the pressure. To get in touch with you.


You’ll chant mantras at spiritual sites pulsating with the power of positive intention. You’ll walk in remote mountain villages, and you’ll gently travel into your soul with guided meditations and Yoga Nidra. The whole experience is an antidote to stress.


It’s not all about planned activities. The balance between spiritual practices and free time has been thoughtfully considered so that you gain the skills and have the space you need for personal reflection.


And all of this — the bustle and the peace; the practical learning and the genuine rest — come together to help you find clarity and feel connected. You’ll realise that you can trust your instincts more than you thought: you are already spiritual and already strong. You just needed the time and space to remember.


with Support And Friendship

If you feel a little daunted at the prospect of solo travel, you’re not alone.

As much as we might dream of travelling the world freely, the reality can be far less romantic. Stepping off a plane in an unfamiliar country completely on your own is scary.


But as well as taking the edge off the nerves, sharing a journey with likeminded people actually adds a beautiful dimension to your experience.


It’s an incredibly powerful thing to share an exploration of a new place, and an exploration of yourself, with a group of friends who are as excited about the journey as you are.


In fact, surrounding yourself with sat-sangha (good company) is known in yoga to be a vital way of encouraging your spiritual growth. So the retreat groups are small and full of love and support.


You will travel, meditate and explore your inner world and the external environment with people who will be right there with you, grinning the grins and dancing the dances, when you feel an explosion of bliss in your heart.


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