Vishuddhi Chakra

Let’s talk about Vishuddhi: the throat chakra. If you struggle to communicate openly with those around you — or feel unable to speak truthfully from the heart — then working with this chakra could be particularly useful for you.


But first, have a quick read of this blog post: An Introduction to the Chakras. It’ll give you a good grounding in the basics so that you understand what the chakras are and how they influence you.


 Vishuddhi Chakra and the Body


Vishuddhi is associated with the element of space, or ether. It’s located in the cervical plexus, within the spinal column level with the throat pit. Its colour is violet, with 16 petals. 


As well as the throat, this chakra is related to the ears, jaw, mouth and the thyroid gland.


When your voice sounds smooth, steady and clear — and generally nice to listen to! — it is at least in part because the Vishuddi chakra is healthy and balanced.  


Vishuddhi Chakra and the Mind


Vishuddhi enables us to make choices independently, and to stick to our beliefs when others doubt or discourage us. This enhanced capacity for clear and honest communication gives us confidence, along with a sense that we are worthy of being heard.


The space element associated with Vishuddhi gives us objectivity — an ability to see the bigger picture. And the relationship between space and this chakra means that we can communicate that bigger picture clearly, too.


If Vishuddhi is blocked or unbalanced you might find it difficult to speak your truth when you most want or need to. You may bottle up your needs or desires, or feel as though you can’t see things very clearly. You could feel a little muddled and confused in general or experience more intense feelings of uncertainty; and it’s likely to be difficult for you to connect authentically with other people.


But when balanced, this chakra opens up the potential for deep and fulfilling emotional connections with others. You can see things as if from a bird’s eye view, and share your opinions and feelings with clarity.


Communication works both ways. When Vishuddhi is active and balanced, we are able to listen with complete awareness as well as speak truthfully.


How Does Vishuddhi Influence Your Spiritual Journey?


Vishuddhi’s relationship with the space element means that it has the potential to awaken deep realisation. That we are a part of something infinite, and that we are connected with everything and everyone.

Bija Mantra


A bija mantra, also known as a seed mantra, is a single-syllable sound. It can be used during yoga and meditation practice to enhance consciousness and focus in order to experience greater freedom.


Each chakra is associated with a bija mantra.


The mantra for Vishuddhi is: HAM.


 Communication, Clarity and Connection


Vishuddhi can enrich your life by giving you access to true clarity and freedom of expression.


If you’d like to learn more about the other six chakras, don't forget to bookmark An Introduction to the Chakras . There you’ll find links to other chakra blog posts as well as a simple outline of what the chakras are.