Find Purpose With Manipura Chakra

In An Introduction to the Chakras  we touched on the basics of each of the seven chakras.

Here we delve into more detail on Manipura — the naval chakra.


Manipura Chakra and the Body


Manipura is located in the spine, behind the naval. Its colour is yellow and it has 10 petals. Its element is fire — and in particular, agni, the digestive fire. So it governs our metabolism and digestion.


It also supports the function of organs including the liver, gallbladder and spleen — so it extracts, detoxifies and transforms nutrients into heat and energy.


Manipura distributes prana, or life force energy, throughout the body.


Manipura Chakra and the Mind


The energy created and distributed by Manipura allows us to feel a sense of purpose. It’s responsible for our drive to make plans and follow our dreams. And this supports high self-esteem.


This chakra’s detoxifying and transformative qualities apply to the mind as well as to the physical systems of the body.


When Manipura is blocked or unbalanced you might experience moderate or severely low self-esteem. You could find it hard to trust yourself or others and become unreliable, or avoid responsibility. Your ability to follow through with plans may be weakened, and digestive issues may add to discomfort and low mood.


When Manipura is active and in balance you feel regularly refreshed, cleansed and energised. A connection with your purpose makes you confident in your place in the world. You feel warm towards others and experience clarity and pure, unclouded emotions.


How Does Manipura Influence Your Spiritual Journey?


This chakra guides us in our sense of individuality and helps us understand our personal relationship with humanity. It allows us to speak our minds and hold firm in our core values and beliefs, no matter what others may tell us.


So Manipura can be key to identifying your relationship with everything around you. And then moving along on your journey with confidence — and without being shaken by the opinions of others.


Bija Mantra

A bija mantra is also known as a seed mantra. As with all of the other chakras, the naval chakra is associated with a particular bija mantra; a single-syllable sound which can help you focus in yoga and meditation practice.


For Manipura, the mantra is RAM.


Purpose and Self-Esteem


Working with Manipura chakra in your yoga and meditation practice will help you to feel purposeful and confident. You’ll know where you want to focus your energy each day — and gain an embodied understanding of how to do that.


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