Mooladhara Chakra

Mooladhara, the Root Chakra, is a powerful source of strength and steadiness. It is associated with security, money, possessions and reproduction.


Although Mooladhara is the first chakra, it’s important to note that if you're just starting to incorporate chakra work into your practice, you should begin with Ajna — the sixth chakra.


This will allow you to develop your ability to witness, observe and process any intense emotions that might arise before you start creating profound shifts through intensive work with the other chakras.


Ready? Read on to demystify the qualities of the root chakra!


Mooladhara and the Body


The location of this chakra is slightly different for men and women. For men, it is at the perineum; and for women it’s located at the top of the cervix. It is associated with the element Earth and its colour is red, with 4 petals.


This chakra provides control and energy for the whole muscular-skeletal system, and radiates strength and stability — so people with an active Mooladhara Chakra tend to be energetic and healthy. It also regulates body heat and plays a role in sexuality and fertility. The sensory organ associated with this chakra is the nose — so Mooladhara also plays a part in our sense of smell.


Mooladhara keeps us connected with our basic needs for safety and survival. It influences the fundamental elements of well being — requirements for shelter, personal security and possessions. It provides the supportive foundations on which we build the rest of our physicality and our lives. It's also linked to the lower digestion and excretory functions; the pelvis and pelvic floor; and the feet.



Mooladhara and the Mind


Mooladhara gives us our motivation, rooted in our instinct for survival and evolution. Along with our sense of being grounded on this earth: confident, steady, and in control.


A ‘gut feeling’ of security and steadiness comes from this chakra, and it contributes to our ability to handle stress.


However, when energy becomes stuck around the root Chakra you may feel anxious or fearful. You might perceive things as risky and dangerous when they don’t really pose any threat to you, and you begin to make decisions primarily from a state of fear. Sometimes, an unbalanced Mooladhara Chakra causes an obsession with the accumulation of more wealth, and feelings of jealousy and greed.


With a healthy root Chakra we feel confident and enthusiastic. There is a sense of steadiness at the core which makes everything else feel more manageable. We are secure — and the impact of that security on the rest of our lives is very positive.



How Does Mooladhara Influence Your Spiritual Journey?


This chakra is particularly active during childhood — before we reach 7 years old. For this reason, working with Mooladhara opens us up to ingrained and unconscious impressions that we gathered when we were very young and allows us to recognize how early experiences affect how we live today.


Cultivating balance and flowing energy through Mooladhara invites deeper calm, greater strength, and more stability.


Bija Mantra


You may remember from the previous Chakra blog post that a bija mantra is also known as a seed mantra. It is a single-syllable sound which aids concentration and a sense of freedom during meditation and yoga practice.


The bija mantra for Mooladhara chakra is LAM.


 Steady and Comfortable with Mooladhara

During weekly classes at Sydney’s South Narrabeen this term, we are delving into the wisdom of the chakras in a practical and experiential way. We started with Ajna and are now moving on to Mooladhara — so this blog post is a handy addition to that chakra-focused practice.


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