An Unexpected Experience At A Bali Yoga Retreat — What Linda Had To Say...

Linda in Hammoch.jpg

Hi Chetana,

My trip to Bali with you for the yoga and meditation retreat was amazing. I was astounded with the variety of your yoga sessions.

Each class was different and I couldn’t believe how many postures and variations my body could be twisted into.

The purpose built yoga room was a beautiful place to watch the sun rise. Each morning we quietly placed our mats in a circle around the floral tribute mandala in the centre of the room.



Each day the friendly staff would create a different coloured floral tribute and they were gorgeous. We took photos to remember them.

One day we were taught how to weave a palm frond basket and fill it with the appropriately coloured flower petals. Our amateurish efforts made us appreciate the skill of the local ladies’ creations!

The spiritual events were a thoughtful bonus.


Waterfall walk.jpg

The walk to the waterfall, with our guide pointing out flora and fauna, was topped by standing under the waterfall and then sitting in the stream, tuning in to nature.  

It was a bonding moment for our group.

Interacting with the locals was an enlightening experience. Despite not having much in the material sense, they seem to be content.

It was sobering to see just how basic their houses were. We enjoy grass and flowers in our yards. They have mud.



We drive around in air conditioned cars. They have Mum, Dad, the baby and a toddler riding on one scooter.

We spend more on our morning cappuccino than they ask for a hand made wooden souvenir that must have taken hours to carve.

Thank you for the reality check.

I will think of the local food market filled with an amazing array of spices and tropical fruits and vegetables next time I am waiting in a queue at Woolworths.



The food at Gaia was fantastic. Each lunch and dinner had an impressive choice of vegetarian dishes to make sure we were extremely well fed.

Who knew there were so many interesting vegetarian recipes?

The chef and his kitchen staff should be applauded for their ingenuity and for the time and effort put into each mealtime.

Espresso coffee covered my need for caffeine. We could even have a yummy array of fruit and vegetable mocktails! And the chocolate balls were so good we would always take an extra one.



I had an experience that I did not expect. There were many times of quiet reflection that felt so right in that beautiful beachside resort.

The age range of our group covered more than 30 years from oldest to youngest but it made no difference.

We all had common experiences and “aha” moments to share. We bonded. We laughed. We were silent together.

Thank you.

Linda Borge  23 April 2017