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Bali Like I’ve Never Seen It Before — What Lisa Had To Say

Bali Like I’ve Never Seen It Before — What Lisa Had To Say

I was pleasantly surprised, and it was not at all what I was expecting. 

I was surprised by Chetana’s knowledge of the area and the time and effort she put in to give us all an insight into the spiritual and cultural side of the Balinese people.

Every day was filled with new and exciting experiences, with enough downtime to fit in daily massages and pool time. 

Having done years of yoga in my pre-children days, I was having quiet palpitations when thinking about the retreat and how out of shape I was. 

An Unexpected Experience At A Bali Yoga Retreat — What Linda Had To Say...

An Unexpected Experience At A Bali Yoga Retreat —  What Linda Had To Say...

My trip to Bali for your yoga and meditation retreat was amazing. I was astounded with the variety of your yoga sessions.

Each class was different and I couldn’t believe how many postures and variations my body could be twisted into.

The purpose built yoga room was a beautiful place to watch the sun rise. Each morning we quietly placed our mats in a circle around the floral tribute mandala in the centre of the room.

Each day the friendly staff would create a different coloured floral tribute and they were

The Power Of A Sankalpa (A Resolve)

The Power Of A Sankalpa (A Resolve)

In the practice of Yoga Nidra, you are asked to mentally repeat a resolution known as a Sankalpa. 

This happens at the beginning and towards the end of the practice and is the ‘cherry on top of the cake’ that makes the practice of Yoga Nidra so special.

Your Sankalpa is a powerful tool to harness the mind. 

It is perfect for achieving your goals, changing behaviours or habits, and directing your life in a more positive direction.

Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word, and the meaning is broken down like this:

  • San is an idea formed in the heart
  • Kalpa is “the rule that I will follow above all other rules”

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How it works

Yoga Nidra begins with deep relaxation in the first four stages, moving into a full meditative state in the last four stages. 

This takes us to a place where we can release pain and stress at the unconscious level, and also reinforce positive thoughts and beliefs.

Empowering The Young Girls Of Nepal

Empowering The Young Girls Of Nepal

When my feet landed on the cold cement floor I could hear the familiar sound of chanting and the smell of incense on the breeze…


4 am was the new 6 am, where I’d make my way to the Gompa room for my early morning yoga practice…


For the past eight months the Ganden Yoga Chozin Buddhist Meditation Centre,

Pokhara, Nepal had become my home as the resident yoga and meditation teacher. 


This small cabin… Well, it really was nothing more than a cement slab, four sheets of fibro and a tin roof, but it was my place of solitude.  Yes, freezing in winter!!