Let’s Talk About Balinese Food

Over the last decade Bali has become known as one of the top destinations in the world for vegetarian and vegan food. People travel from around the globe to eat at its renowned restaurants and cafes, and to sip coconut water fresh from the tree.


When you come on a journey to this beautiful island with me you’ll be treated to the very best of Balinese cuisine — it’s seriously good!


Think of it this way…

Would you like to taste traditional dishes made by expert local chefs?

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Are you intrigued at the idea of combining traditional tastes with modern vegetarian cooking techniques?

Do you relish any opportunity to try new, exotic flavours?


Are you curious about the creativity that goes into making mouth-watering vegetarian food?

And do you love eating fresh, local fish dishes too?


If your answer is an emphatic YES to all of the above, Bali might just be your new favourite place in the world. And on your retreat you won’t have to go far to sample the most delicious offerings available because we have two talented Balinese chefs on site: Siasan and Subian.

They prepare every meal with huge love and care, and pour the culinary wisdom of generations into every pot and pan.


Experts in Traditional Balinese Cuisine

Siasan, Subian and their kitchen team will share the subtle, strong and sweet flavours of traditional food with you — all in perfect balance. You’ll sit down with new friends to enjoy dishes including:

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Also known as Lotek, this is one of Indonesia’s famous dishes, often available from street-food vendors as well as high end restaurants. It’s a huge, colourful salad made with lightly steamed or blanched vegetables with boiled eggs, boiled potato, and fried tofu tempeh, and topped with a peanut sauce which has been known to change lives (for the better, of course!).

Nasi, or Mie Goreng.

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A vegetarian or seafood dish (your choice!), made with rice or noodles and a uniquely Balinese spice blend, and finished with another incredible sauce.


You might have heard of these unbelievably tasty sweet coconut rice balls — and if you’ve never tasted them, you must. Sticky, coconutty sweetness…the perfect pick-me-up afternoon snack. Or morning snack. Or midnight snack.

And coconuts aren’t just for dessert. When you’re in need of something to cool you down, the endless supply of fresh coconut water will quench your thirst. Yes — you can sip it straight from the coconut. You’ll also be able to try a coconut or mango lassi; a sweet and creamy yoghurt drink made with fresh fruit. So delicious!


Eaten At The Source

Gaia Oasis, where you’ll stay for the duration of your retreat, is special in lots of ways. Not least of which is the fact that the staff grow almost all the food you’ll eat in their organic garden!


A vibrant array of vegetables and fruits grow in Gaia’s Abasan Garden and they’ll be on your plate within hours — and sometimes minutes — of being picked. Not only that, but all the breads and cakes are freshly baked in-house; and even the jams, crackers, dips, sauces, yoghurt, muesli and herbal teas are made right here in Gaia’s kitchen.

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It’s a big part of why Yoga for the Soul Retreats continues to bring guests to this special place. You can eat truly fresh and wholesome food for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and in between!) and it makes you feel…


Deeply nourished. Cleansed. Energised. Fresh. Revitalised. Light, healthy, and ready for anything.


Food to Support Your Journey

As well as being utterly delicious, the food served on retreat in Bali is carefully balanced to support your physical body as you move through yoga and meditation practices, and the emotional experiences that come with profound internal work.


Just like every other element of the retreat, the meals, snacks and drinks will nourish you and enhance your sense of wellbeing.




Eat in Bali. Breathe in Bali. Grow in Bali.


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