Why Not Go It Alone? How A Retreat Group Will Enrich Your Travel Experience

You’re ready for an adventure. You want to step beyond your comfort zone and challenge yourself. And you know it’s time to focus on “YOU”, your yoga, your meditation and your spiritual growth.


Travelling to an unfamiliar country and culture holds the potential to kickstart the beautiful — but sometimes confronting and scary — process of reconnecting with your true self. So why not go it alone?


Why, instead, is it a good idea to fly off into the sunset with a small group of like-minded individuals, with the guidance of an experienced teacher and traveller?


Apart from the obvious facts that yoga and meditation practices will be woven seamlessly into every day of your journey, and all of the stress of organisation and planning will be lifted from your shoulders — there are powerfully transformative elements of a retreat that you just can’t create on your own.


Small Groups Equal Deep Connection

With Yoga For The Soul Retreats, you can rest assured that group numbers will always be limited so you will be travelling with a group; but it’ll be a small one. Unlike the rather chaotic and impersonal experience many people have of large-scale retreats, you will be an integral member of the pack and you’ll be able to build strong bonds with your fellow travellers from day one.



You’ll never be lost in a crowd. Your uniqueness will be valued and you’ll be supported — by your retreat guide (me!) and by your peers. The intimacy of the group means that I get to know you quickly, and can adapt the days and the yoga and meditation practices to suit your personal needs.


This is important because there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to yoga, meditation, spirituality. You are uniquely you, and your experience of connecting with yourself won’t be exactly like anyone else’s.


But unlike travelling and learning on your own, this small group environment provides a sense of security and a space of support that can help you to connect — with yourself, other people, and everything around you.


Good Company Speeds Up Spiritual Growth

There will be new friends going through the same challenges and triumphs as you each day. And even though you might all interpret them differently, you’ll all appreciate the freedom to express how you feel and be yourself.


There will be a sounding board to bounce your ideas and realisations off. And you’ll share life-changing memories of awe-inspiring sights, sounds, scents, taste, and experiences with people who might very well become friends for life.


In yoga, Sat-Sangha means good company — and good company is believed to be a crucial part of any spiritual journey. Your fellow retreat members will support, encourage and motivate you, and call you out on your resistance to change if you slip back into old habits after returning home.


Travelling alone is good. It’s amazing. I’ve travelled alone a lot myself, and I really do recommend it.


But solo travel is all the better when balanced with group experiences; when you can say Hey, I went on a retreat to Nepal and it was incredible, and now I’m ready to go there on my own for a different kind of experience, you’ll head out with more confidence and certainty that you’ll handle whatever is in store.


You’ll know you’re doing it for the right reasons — because you want to — rather than because you feel like you should.


You’ll Go Places You Wouldn’t Otherwise Have Noticed

Before I became a yoga and meditation retreat leader, travelling in developing countries was already the norm for me. I used to be a wilderness guide in Australia, too; following 3 years of study I spent years leading people through canyons, abseiling down waterfalls, and trekking through remote areas of the Blue Mountains.



Through spending time in the countries where I now lead retreats I’ve made connections and discoveries which I’m now thrilled to share with you.


In Nepal, I have strong friendships with business founders and spiritual guides. So instead of ticking off the tourist spots and running from one place to another, when you come to Nepal with me you’ll be able to draw on my connections and experience of Nepalese social life to experience the real richness of the culture.


You’ll go on a spiritual immersion instead of a sightseeing tour.


You’ll meditate with monks. You’ll meet people who are dedicated to offering you adventure and positivity through their empowering and socially conscious businesses. You’ll chant mantra in undisturbed natural locations with stunning mountain peaks towering above you. You’ll eat the most mouth-watering authentic local dishes.


Breathe Easy, Rest Well

And most importantly, you’ll be safe and supported every step of the way. You’ll be able to be yourself without judgement; and all of this will contribute to the joy that will grow within you every day. Inspiration awaits!




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