3 Reasons To Do A Beginners Yoga Course

Yoga is big. And by that I mean, there’s more to it than initially meets the eye — both in a physical sense and in an emotional sense.


If you’ve decided you want to start practicing yoga, you might be unsure whether to start with a beginners’ course or throw yourself into an open level class.


You’d certainly be welcomed in both; but here are three reasons why starting with a specially curated beginners’ yoga programme will benefit you long after the course is finished.


1. Nothing Is Assumed


In a course specifically designed for beginners, no level of existing knowledge will be assumed. Any new words or postures or movements or mantras will be explained, and you’ll be guided through your practice with the understanding that it’s new to you.


Importantly, you’ll be taught about the breath right from the beginning.


You’ll learn how to cultivate awareness of the breath, how to use the power of the breath, and how to move with the breath. Even if you never take another yoga class again, this knowledge will stay with you forever.



2. Solid Foundations


A beginners’ yoga course will allow you to lay solid foundations for your future practice, making it much more likely that you’ll experience profound physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits as your practice develops.


You’ll be given the opportunity to explore postures, breathing and meditation exercises within a small group of fellow beginners.


With the support of your teacher you will be encouraged to find ways to modify and adapt elements of the practice to work for you — rather than forcing yourself or your body to fit into the practice.


This experience will stand you in good stead for future classes.


As well as making your yoga more enjoyable and sustainable, your beginners’ yoga course may reduce the chances of future injury, because you’ll know what to do when something doesn’t feel right to you.



3. Community


Community, or Sangha in Sanskrit, is important within yogic tradition. Sat-sangha means ‘good company’, and is a term often used to describe people coming together to learn about, discuss, and practice yoga, meditation and its philosophies.


By enrolling on a course with a group of other beginners, you’ll have an instant sangha. Facilitated by your teacher you’ll move together through your first explorations of yoga, and as you share this experience, you could find that you make lifelong friends.


These ‘yoga friends’ will be able to support you — and vice versa — as you deepen your knowledge and experience more and more; they can become a sounding board to help work through obstacles that come up in your practice, and will keep you motivated so that you’re less likely to give up.



If you like the idea of building your yoga foundations and finding your sangha, join my five week next Beginners Level 1 Course!