3 Reasons to Practice Yoga and Meditation in Nepal

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As many of you know Nepal holds a special place in my heart, and for good reason.

It is stunningly beautiful, rich in spirituality and culture and the food is absolutely delicious!!

Oh, and did I mention that past participants have said it to be transformative, heart-opening and utterly fabulous?

For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure of experiencing the spiritually rich culture of this beautiful country, read on for three reasons that make it an incredible place to deepen your practice of yoga and meditation.


1.    You’re Surrounded By Spirituality

And it gets to you through every one of your senses. The energy of this place is unmissable from the moment you arrive. It gets right into the very core of your being so that you feel alive with the rhythms of spiritual life, too.

An atmosphere of devotion to something greater than yourself, combined with the calm and loving attitude of the locals, adds a new depth to your practice as you learn the techniques of yoga and meditation here.


There’s an authenticity to it; you don’t feel weird for dedicating time to your spiritual development because everyone here dedicates time to their connection with themselves, with others, and with the divine.

Practising yoga on a rooftop overlooking Boudhanath Stupa (a Buddhist shrine), with the scent of incense drifting upwards to meet you is nothing out of the ordinary here.  When you stretch your arms up until your palms meet overhead, you see colourful prayer flags moving gently in the breeze.  And on closing your eyes you hear, with more clarity than before, the sounds of chanting and devotional instruments as Buddhist monks celebrate the wonders of life.


2.    The Mountains Will Switch Your Perspective

Lots of yoga teachers talk about how handstands and headstands can help you switch your perspective by turning your gaze upside down. But I say…who needs handstands when you can sit in awe of the mountains of Nepal?

Nothing can refresh your way of looking at the world quite like the landscapes we practice in here. The Himalayas and the Annapuna Ranges remind you of the incredible power of this planet, and of your profound and unshakeable connection with your environment.

You move through your yoga practice outside, on a grassy knoll, with the mountains towering overhead. You feel the strength of the mountains in the steadiness of your feet; in the work of your breath; and in the stillness of your mind.

You sit together with a group of new friends and begin to chant mantras. The sound of your voices reverberates up to the sky through the natural peaks of the earth; it’s almost as if the mountains are chanting with you. Accompanied by classical Indian instruments, the Tanpura and the Harmonium, you soar.


3.    From Busy Towns to Serene Lakes — The Environment Reflects Your Inner Journey


At Pokhara Lakeside studio, the serenity of calm waters is on your doorstep. You arrive here after a journey through the bustle of towns and the undulating spirits of mountain roads.

And suddenly, you are still.

The lakes reflect the work you’ve done inside, in your mind and soul, along the way. As you embrace the possibilities and inspiration you’ve found in Nepal you feel a new fire burning within: your passion is alive.

Yoga and meditation have reconnected you with your body and heart, and you feel that connection deepening and strengthening with every breath you take. You know who you are — and you feel at home in the world.


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