Empowering Women

3 Sisters Who Empower Women

3 Sisters Who Empower Women

Yoga For The Soul Retreats is committed to collaborating with environmentally ethical and socially conscious businesses which do good in the world.

That means you can be sure that your retreat is supporting people who strive every single day to make a positive impact in the place they were born, live, and work.

And 3 Sisters Adventure Trekking  is doing just that — in a big way! 3 Sisters is a multi-faceted business and NGO which trains and employs Nepalese women as trekking guides. This kind of work is male-dominated in Nepal (and, in fact, around the world); but 3 Sisters is working hard to change that.

Who are the 3 sisters?

The sisters are Lucky, Nicky and Dicky, who grew up in a small town in Nepal. The three of them were a solid team right from the start. Now, they thrive on working together and sharing the experiences they each gained individually earlier in their careers.