3 Ways to Find Your Purpose

3 Ways to Find Your Purpose

While I busy myself planning the Yoga for the Soul Retreats journey in Nepal later this year, my thoughts turn to the idea of living a purposeful life. Because that’s the key intention of the retreat; to reignite passion and purpose.


But what does that mean? How do you know if your life is aligned with your purpose or not — and if it’s not, how do you change that?


Everyone goes through challenging times, and sometimes life doesn’t feel absolutely fabulous even if you are living authentically. But if you:

Are Yoga Retreats Really That Good For You?

Yes — yoga retreats really are very good for you!


Going to regular yoga classes is, without a doubt, a hugely beneficial thing to do for yourself. But a yoga class once a week is only an hour or two away from the challenges of daily life — which is not always enough to balance out the stressors you encounter.


Think about the key struggles you manage every day, and how much they affect your emotional wellbeing.


Perhaps you devote all of your time to other people; to work, family, or friends; and have no time for yourself. Maybe you’re stressed or dealing with anxiety; and perhaps you’re not sleeping well at night. Or maybe you feel lost, and you haven’t had time to figure out why.