Breath Control

Change Your Flow with Viloma Pranayama

“The more we can begin to exert control over the finer details of the breathing process, the more possible it then becomes to control the finer details of the mental process” 
- Saraswati Niranjanananda 


Have you ever stepped into conscious, present moment awareness while performing an everyday task? And realised that your awareness allows you to develop skill and precision — which transforms that mundane task into something amazing?


Well; viloma pranayama is a little bit like that.


Viloma means to go against the natural flow. And in this pranayama technique, we interrupt the natural flow of our breath to cultivate skillful breath control and awareness.

A Simple Guide To Practising Full Yogic Breath

A Simple Guide To Practising Full Yogic Breath

Full yogic breathing is a deep breathing pranayama practice with a number of profound benefits.

These include:

  • Embodying an understanding of effective use of the diaphragm
  • Expansion of the Alveoli — improving oxygenation and circulation of the blood
  • An experience of becoming centered, or grounded
  • Full motion of the diaphragm improves digestion and metabolic function
  • The release of endorphins which make you feel calm and happy, reducing the effects of stress and anxiety

In order to practise full yogic breath correctly and effectively, a number of