Ayurveda for Summer

Ayurveda for Summer

Summer is Pitta

Each of the year’s seasons is associated with a dominant dosha in Ayurveda; a characterisation which outlines the key qualities which must be balanced in order to maintain good health and steady energy. Summer is dominated by the Pitta dosha.

This means that the qualities of the season are hot, sharp, forceful and penetrating. Summer is intense! And so the secret to staying well during these warm months is to balance the heat and sharpness with food and activities that are imbued with different qualities: cool and gentle.

Alleviate Anxiety with Humming Bee Breath

Alleviate Anxiety with Humming Bee Breath

Do you catch yourself humming absent-mindedly while you’re walking round a shop, or filling in paperwork? Studies show that the sounds in our environment have a direct impact on our stress levels — so it’s no surprise that lots of us make sounds to soothe our own stress, or aid our concentration.

Bhramari Pranayama is a breathing which does exactly that. It uses the creation of sound in the throat, combined with closing off the ears to external sounds, to calm the nervous system and settle the thoughts.

How Bhramari Could Help You

The steady, bee-like humming sound you create during bhramari pranayama has an instant soothing effect on the mind. It’s an ideal practice for you if you ever feel anxious or overwhelmed because its effects are so immediate.

You can use it to calm down at any time.

As well as this wonderful, speedy anxiety relief, the benefits of bhramari include: