SWAN Meditation ~ Gaining Clarity

SWAN Meditation ~ Gaining Clarity

Do you feel a pull to deepen your understanding of yourself, and by extension, the way you interact with the world?

Perhaps you have a sense of disconnect; your internal world and your external life aren’t quite in harmony.

If so, SWAN meditation is a wonderful practice to work with.

If you came along to my New Year’s Yoga and Meditation Immersion at South Narrabeen Surf Club, you’ll already have a solid grounding in the SWAN technique, and I hope you’re starting to feel the benefits.

For those of you who weren’t there, I wanted to offer a brief introduction so that you might be inspired to try it, too.

SWAN is an acronym for Strengths; Weaknesses; Ambitions; and Needs.

SWAN meditation concentrates on these elements of the self, providing an opportunity to take a close look at what’s